LESA Hallway

The fixtures in the LESA Suite of CII were in bad condition. Some were even being held together with zip ties! Our new installation will not only brighten up the hallway but also even out the light distribution between fixtures. Before Images Images taken before new lights were installed.

Union Outdoor Patio

We added color controlled lighting to illuminate trees surrounding the Union patio area. Being a hotspot for students, this project was requested by the Union building managers as it allows for the area to be much brighter as well as allowing for a unique light program for special occasions. Computer Models After taking measurements of…
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Cogswell Walkway

The previous lights outside of Cogswell Laboratory left much to be desired. People walking down the path at night said it was almost like walking without any light at all. We found new fixtures and brightened the walkway.

Union Hallway

We replaced the light fixtures in the Union outside of the school store. The previous fixtures were not bright enough and the hallway was incredibly dark as a result. The new lights are brighter and make the hallway much more inviting!

DCC Great Hall

We completed a bulb relamping project in the DCC great hall second floor. We worked to lower the bulb down in the recessed can so that more light could be distributed across the hallway. You can see the differences in the image above!

JEC Machine Shop

We completely redesigned all of the lighting to fixtures that are brighter, last longer and cost less to keep on. This also increased the safety of the shop as the previous lighting solution left many areas incredibly dark, and external lights were necessary to use the machines without risk.